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Hi Everyone. If you look at the list of recipient of this letter you will soon realise that each one of you have given me help or advice in one way or another and that is why I am writing to you. This is NOT AN APPEAL for donations.

The situation with abandoned and monkeys needing a new home has got to alarming proportions.  Frankly I do not know how to cope. The simple answer I suppose, is 'go away, I cannot help you'. But that does not solve a very real problem that exists. I quote from the last posting on my blog.

'Our work here has never been more in demand. Two weeks ago we accepted a little girl Araguato. She was sick but now on the road to complete recovery. A few days ago we accepted a male adult Capuchin. On the phone yesterday we were being asked to take another young Araguato and yet again today a request for another female Capuchin.

Please don't leave me to shoulder this burden alone. Put your hand in your pocket and give generously. I need to give these children a good life. I must compensate for the wickedness that has brought them to my door.' (note: not a penny resulted from this appeal)

Today I have a letter from a woman in Puerto la Cruz. She is a monkey lover and has been helping monkeys for eight years. She has two Araguato monkeys a boy and a girl, they are free in the trees. Although her farm was remote now she has neighbours who have been attacking her monkeys. The male monkey lost a eye as a result of a stone and lost the use of one hand after a machete attack. She wants me to take her monkeys.

Tonight I am numb with sadness. I have the land or space, I have the love and the will. But I don't have the money to build more enclosures or the staff or funds enough to cover the increase in food and maintenance.
This is not a problem that will be solved by passing around the hat. This is an ongoing problem that will get worse.

It needs some radical thinking. I would like to invite you my friends to give me some ideas. Can we for example get the state to support this effort or is it unwise to involve bureaucracy.
Please give this one your best. There are lives that depend on it

Kindest regards Philip

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